My Official Rey’s Parents Prediction

TLDR: She was created by the Force.

Let’s start with the other options. It is certainly possible that she is a new character, not related to anyone we’ve met before–but this seems overwhelmingly unlikely. Discounting that, there is only a short list of people who could be her parents:

  1. Han and Leia
  2. Luke and someone
  3. A child of Obi Wan Kenobi

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Star Wars Force Awakens SPOILERS

This post contains SPOILERS. Don’t read ahead until you’ve seen the movie (movies?).

Here is some text for anyone who accidentally skipped the first line or couldn’t resist scanning farther down the page before reading that there are spoiler.


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What is your favorite band?

I decided long ago that this is an impossible question to answer. It immediately divides itself into several small categories and specific situations. Which would I rather have on while driving? To fall asleep to? As background music while I work? Even more difficult, how do you compare bands with one album against bands with ten?

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Programmers Are Still Massively Underpaid

This article by Jon Evans is a good read but I think it neglects two fundamental things. Thing One is the reason why outsourcing will never replace American programmers. Thing Two is that Programmers are still massively underpaid, even with base salaries of ~$125k. Putting aside Dr. Seuss for a moment, I’m talking about Productivity and Communication.

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The Antipattern of the MacGyver Programmer

MacGuyver is amazing. He can take a ball of string, some paperclips, and a piece of chewing gum and build a functional airplane. But the point that is often lost is that he’d much rather build an airplane out of airplane parts. Continue reading

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Munin Monitoring on Ubuntu

Munin is a wonderful tool that creates easy-to-read graphs of (just about) everything you need to know to keep your servers humming along. Setup is very simple, but it isn’t something I do often enough to remember all the steps off the top of my head. Although there are plenty of great tutorials out there, none of them QUITE fit my setup perfectly. so… Continue reading

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I Never Get Tired of Watching Star Wars

Like many people of my age group I have a child who is old enough to watch Star Wars. On my daughter’s third birthday, after much deliberation, we showed her “A New Hope” for the first time. She loved it (duh) and in the past six months she has watched it a few times a week (or possibly more, if you won’t accuse us of being bad parents). Continue reading

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Thank you, Mr. President

Historic: adjective. A word so overused in 2008 that it lost all meaning.

It has taken me quite some time to come to grips with what Barack Obama’s election victory means in the perspective of my own personal history. Though it is a story long in coming, it is one worth sharing.

Barack and I, if I may be so familiar, share a similar background. No, I didn’t attend Columbia or Harvard. But like our 44th president, I was also born in the USA, the child of a white, American woman and a black, African man. My father was from Senegal, not Kenya, but most Americans can’t find either on a map, so we’ll call it even. The parallels don’t end there. We both had absentee fathers who died early and strong mothers who battled cancer. I’m relieved to say that my mother is doing well all these years later but the President’s story certainly resonates with me. Continue reading

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The Path to Understanding

One of my favorite things about the speed with which web technologies move is looking back over the learning process. I came across a page on today where someone was asking about the differences between WordPress, Drupal, and using a PHP Framework. Continue reading

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My Name is Issa and I am not an Early Adopter

People who know me would naturally assume that I am what the technology industry refers to as an Early Adopter. I love gadgets, I consider myself a futurist, I’ve read sci-fi my entire life, and I’m generally a big nerd. But those people would be underestimating how conservative I am. When I’m ready to change, I go for it full speed ahead. But I’m a big fan of not fixing what isn’t broken. Continue reading

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