Star Wars Force Awakens SPOILERS

This post contains SPOILERS. Don’t read ahead until you’ve seen the movie (movies?).

Here is some text for anyone who accidentally skipped the first line or couldn’t resist scanning farther down the page before reading that there are spoiler.











*** Really, there are SPOILERS below****

It is 1:40am and I needed a place to jot down my initial thoughts after seeing the movie opening night.

1) This is a Star Wars movie. In a way the prequels just aren’t. Not sure how else to explain that one. The movie NAILS the feel of the original trilogy perfectly.

2) It looks amazing. In 3D IMAX, the Star Destroyers are the best looking things I’ve ever seen on the big screen.

3) I don’t think it lived up to the hype. To be fair, the hype was huge. But I think you have to take everyone leaving the theater and saying how amazing it was with a grain of salt. When the sheen of opening night wears off, people will notice the flaws.

4) The good stuff was good. Really, really good.

5) Cast chemistry for the new characters was great. The funny parts were well done (“who talks first?”)

6) I understand a million times over WHY it was written this way, but my biggest complaint was the inclusion of Han and Leia. The handling of Luke was great. It showed impressive restraint. I think including the Millennium Falcon would have been enough. It’s OK to keep the fans wondering.

7) Random coincidences. Bugged me to no end that Han and Chewie showed up just in time to “reclaim” the Falcon. The scene with the gangs was a little too silly.

8) Why did Ren have so much trouble dispatching two people who have never used a lightsaber before? I didn’t buy that fight scene. Remember how easily Vader toyed with Luke in Empire?

9) The “lightsaber temper tantrums” were amazing. So well done.

10) I felt the ending (pre-Luke) was a little too preordained…it was a little too obvious that no one would die and that Ren and the annoying British guy would live to fight another day.

11) The Finn/Po dialog was excellent. Great chemistry. (repeating myself, but impressive)

12) Han is dead. They return to the Rebel Resistance Base. Chewbacca walks right past Leia, ignoring her completely, so that she can hug a girl she’s never met before?? What was that??

I’m not trying to be negative…it was a great movie and probably, at the end of the day it will be right next to Return of the Jedi. If this had come out in place of the prequels…oh man…

Can’t wait to see it about 10 more times in the theaters!

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