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My Official Rey’s Parents Prediction

TLDR: She was created by the Force. Let’s start with the other options. It is certainly possible that she is a new character, not related to anyone we’ve met before–but this seems overwhelmingly unlikely. Discounting that, there is only a … Continue reading

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Star Wars Force Awakens SPOILERS

This post contains SPOILERS. Don’t read ahead until you’ve seen the movie (movies?). Here is some text for anyone who accidentally skipped the first line or couldn’t resist scanning farther down the page before reading that there are spoiler. *** … Continue reading

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What is your favorite band?

I decided long ago that this is an impossible question to answer. It immediately divides itself into several small categories and specific situations. Which would I rather have on while driving? To fall asleep to? As background music while I … Continue reading

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Programmers Are Still Massively Underpaid

This article by Jon Evans is a good read but I think it neglects two fundamental things. Thing One is the reason why outsourcing will never replace American programmers. Thing Two is that Programmers are still massively underpaid, even with … Continue reading

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The Antipattern of the MacGyver Programmer

MacGuyver is amazing. He can take a ball of string, some paperclips, and a piece of chewing gum and build a functional airplane. But the point that is often lost is that he’d much rather build an airplane out of … Continue reading

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Munin Monitoring on Ubuntu

Munin is a wonderful tool that creates easy-to-read graphs of (just about) everything you need to know to keep your servers humming along. Setup is very simple, but it isn’t something I do often enough to remember all the steps … Continue reading

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