My Name is Issa and I am not an Early Adopter

People who know me would naturally assume that I am what the technology industry refers to as an Early Adopter. I love gadgets, I consider myself a futurist, I’ve read sci-fi my entire life, and I’m generally a big nerd. But those people would be underestimating how conservative I am. When I’m ready to change, I go for it full speed ahead. But I’m a big fan of not fixing what isn’t broken. Continue reading

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How I Became a Programmer

I feel very lucky to have grown up when I did. I was 10 years old in 1982, which was the year I got an Atari 800. It was a beautiful machine with a whopping 8k of RAM. I have a vague memory of buying extra ram for it that came in blocks the size of VHS tapes and upping the RAM to 48k, but I don’t really remember. Continue reading

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Why I Started Every Concert Ever

By the end of 2006 my band, Good Clean Fun, had been touring for 8 years and had played thousands of concerts. We’d performed in 37 countries on 4 continents and a few islands. I had a pretty large collection of fliers, photos, posters, and even a few tour schedules, but nothing that even approached being a comprehensive list of where we had played, when, and with what other bands. Continue reading

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How I Became a Vegetarian

Do you remember the last thing that changed your life?  A moment, not too different from all the others, that just sticks in your mind and makes you see everything in a new light?  What triggered it?  Was it something that someone said to you?  Was it something you saw or read somewhere?  Did you pass this new way of seeing the world on to anyone else?  To your family and friends or maybe to total strangers? Continue reading

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